birthday at the shore

... and CANADA DAY!!! Since I am officially semi-Canadian, since I married a Canadian, its only right that I acknowledge my bday and CANADA DAY (as they fall on the same day). Tom and I had a great day--we took Wed thru Friday off and came down to the boat Wed am. Tom took me to the boardwalk at Seaside Heights to wander around! Walking the boards is something I normally do with our visitors so it was really nice to just walk them with Tom and watch the people, hang on the beach and partake in some of the rides (lets just say... I am STILL the reigning go-cart champ...)

We met up with John and Lisa in the evening and went to my favorite dinner: Sushi! So good---I could eat it every single night... but I digress...

Today Tom and I went on a 20 mile bikeride and then basically relaxed the rest of the day taking a leisurely dinghy ride and running some errands. Tomorrow we head to Tyces Shoal with John and Li to partake in days of beach-time fun and fireworks!! Pics to come...

For now, here are some from the 1st.

Ollie relaxing on the boat.
Frank being the hot dog that he is
Tom and Di at the boardwalk
Tom eyeing the go cart track trying to plot his course
Di and Li on the dock


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