as we get closer to the big election day, there are many creative videos out there made by celebrities, organizations and regular people to encourage us all to get out and vote. I'd like to think, dear reader, that those that are regular visitors to this blog will absolutely get out and vote--its a given, but just in case some rogue reader happens upon this blog-- VOTE.

There is no need to elaborate on the impact this election will have on the world.

Here are a couple weird things we saw today regarding this topic. Have you heard more? Comment on this post and lets hear them!

**a bogus flyer directing Republicans to vote Nov. 4 and Democrats to vote Nov. 5 has surfaced in Virginia to take advantage of "new" voters. Sneaky.

**joe the plumber - you know, you've heard his name a dozen times a minute from the mccain/palin campaign - has signed with a manager and is due to have a country record out by inauguration day. What? Wait, Wait, WHAT?

pre-halloween snow!

Its a winter wonderland here today and I am so excited! Tom doesn't understand my love for snow, but thats because he is from Canada where they actually GOT snow on a regular basis. You all know where I am from... need I say more?

Only a few wet flakes were called for--but that is not what we are getting. Its been snowing for over 2 hours now and sticking everywhere! Its really early to be getting snow for this area, but they have been calling for a tough winter so I guess this seems about right.

We probably have 3/4 of an inch or more. Its not super cold so I expect it to begin raining again any minute as it did all last night. When I came home for lunch I snapped this pic (when it had just started to stick) and let the dogs out to play. Ollie runs into the woods immediately loving it but Frank takes the path less traveled--through the bark under the low hanging tree limbs--so as he is hardly affected by the flakes. I took a video of them and will try to get it loaded later tonight, and if we end up getting snowed in... I will express my excitement to you in another blog entry!!

rainy saturday

Hi everyone! Its Saturday night and we are relaxing at home! Tom has spent the last 3 days working at a retail store in Brooklyn (T-Mobile sends the directors to the stores throughout the year to work and assist the front line sales people. Its a learning experience for all and its something Tom really enjoys). His store's customer base was approx. 75% spanish speaking -- but thankfully [shame-less plug coming...) everyone speaks the universal language of "cool phones" and since T-Mobile just released the Google phone --the store was packed and Tom sold a TON.

I was going to head to Brooklyn today myself to wander around while Tom worked, but it has been raining ALL DAY and I didn't feel like getting drenched so I opted out. Instead I had a leisurely day at home and around town.

Here are some pics of our jack-o-lanterns and the dogs sitting with Tom (seriously, could Ollie be any cuter??)

Last week the ice rink at Rockefeller Center opened and today, the most famous rink in the city, Wollman Rink in Central Park opens. So beautiful with the fall colors especially!! Its supposed to snow a bunch this year so we can't wait for that!!

Even now, its much cooler than last year. The wind was whipping today and when I took the dogs on a walk they had to wear their sweaters! Its great though--cool, crisp, fall days!!

night on the town

Last night Tom and I drove into the city to meet up with Tom's older brother Fred for dinner. Fred was in town for a conference and each time he comes out this way we try and meet up. In New York, being the hotbed that it is for posh restaurants, its impossible to frequent all of the" 5 star places" unless one lives here for a lifetime! However, Tom and I are trying our hardest to hit as many as we can. Last night was no exception! I made reservations at Butter. Its a very trendy, "in" restaurant and club right now located in the East Village and we lucked out with getting a table at such short notice. Turns out that Monday is their BIG night with the club downstairs opening at 11pm. Yes 11pm. Who is partying at 11 on a Monday?? Well, the answer to that is pretty much anyone you can think of that has graced the magazine pages of Rolling Stone, People and the like. While we considered staying for the club opening (not really) we decided our schedule was already full for the evening (going home and going to bed like normal people "our age").

But--it was nice to be there and we enjoyed visiting with Fred. He and Kim will be out here in a week 1/2 for the marathon so we'll spend more time with them then.

Happy Tuesday!

I know, I am posting a ton this weekend, but I can't help but share all we have seen the past couple days! As some of you know that have come to visit, Morristown, NJ is famous for the part it played in the Revolutionary War. George Washington and men camped in Morristown and had established headquarters that can still be visited today throughout the town. There are historical markers all over and each one is very informative. Being from the West, I think they might be especially interesting for us since they mark events and dates that are far older than anything we are used to seeing in the States.

Possibly the most beautiful historical spot in Morristown is the Dam on Speedwell Lake. This "park" area contains the lake (that in the summer is filled with trout), the dam, the historical bridge and the modern day jogging bike trail "Patriots Path". In the fall the park really stands out with the various colors of all the trees surrounding the lake. What seems now like a large pond in reality is the "lake" and in the 1880's-1900, it was quite the draw for the townsfolk. To give you an idea, a small side-wheeler type steamboat operated on it prior to 1900 giving tours. I am posting a picture Tom took today--the Lake is behind the Dam.

Speedwell, an historic town within Morristown, is actually a historical landmark in itself. It was the location of the FIRST message sent by telegraph--which was invented by Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail. Alfred was just a college student at NYU back in 1836 and persuaded his father, a judge who housed his family in Speedwell, to loan Morse (a college professor with the original idea) and himself $2000 to get the invention off the ground. The judge had the honor to script the first message his son and Morse would end up sending. The message: "A patient waiter is no loser". It was successfully sent over 3 miles of cotton covered copper wire strung around Vail's barn. Upon this achievement, the judge rewarded Alfred and Samuel with a large party with all the town and an oyster feast--quite the luxurious party no matter what the year!

Today, Morristown and Speedwell are a bit more modern. Morristown is one of the best places to live in the State and they have just constructed multi million dollar condo's just down from where Tom and I used to live when we moved here. Speedwell has soccer fields now where Washington and his men had their gatherings--but history is still very well preserved in both locations.

We had great weekend just playing tourist in our own town! Tonight--we carve pumpkins! :-)

The pics are
-the Lake
-di at the remains of a headquarter building at the Lake
-another park in Morristown where we like to take the dogs to run (where Frank had the infamous "deer run-in" about a year ago
-frank trying to track the squirrel that outran him
-ollie flying. super dog.

these pictures were taken only a mile from our house (which is amazing to us!--seems like the country)! The turkeys were just roaming through a yard near the pumpkin patch yesterday.

Frost on the Pumpkins!

Wow we love it here! The fall here is so beautiful! Just about now the trees are at their prettiest and in the next few weeks the leaves will start to really drop at a fast pace. Its brisk, but whats so great, is the sunny weather still wins out. Today Tom and I stayed around Morristown and after running errands and Tom doing some technology tinkering in the house we headed to the Pumpkin Patch with the dogs. Frank and Ol were all decked out in their sweater and jacket and ready to find the perfect one to carve (we found two)! :-) I hope to have more pics tomorrow of our beautiful area, but for now, here are a couple.

Tomorrow we may or may not go to the boat. Its going to be 100% sunny again, but still chilly and waking up at the boat without the option of just throwing on the swim suit and jumping in the water is just not as appealing. BUT-- we do have so much fun down there when we go--cold or not so we'll see.

We are getting excited for a couple of events coming up. Tom's brother Fred is running the NY Marathon this year so he and his wife Kim will be heading up here around Halloween. Can't wait for that! While Fred is running Kim, Tom and I will be cheering him on while shopping and seeing the sights! Lisa, John, Tom and I are also doing a marathon--- but only a 4 mile next Sunday down at the Shore. It benefits the animal shelters so its a good cause. (Todd and any of my high-school friends reading this will fall over nearly dead when they hear that I am running. I HATE running). Also-- my friend Melissa is coming out again!! YAY!! More to come on that as we are still in the planning phase.
It will be a busy winter, but one that keeps us home for the most part so we are looking forward to that.

*Diana and Ollie (Frank is a bit camouflaged next to us but see the "W" on his letterman jacket? Go Huskies!! ) at the Pumpkin Patch
Diana with the fall colors behind

Happy Thanksgiving... Canada! Today is Turkey Day up North! Tom and I are celebrating HIS holiday (that Tom's mom reminded us was today) a little less traditionally--with bbq Salmon for dinner. But maybe I will put out some stuffing, cranberries and green bean casserole though too... :-)

still nice here

hey everyone! Happy Sunday evening. Tom, the dogs and I just got back home from a weekend at the boat. The weather was great this weekend--mid 70's and while it is above average, last year at this time we had a spell of about 10 days of near 90 degree weather! Beggar's can't be choosers, so we are happy with what we have (but honestly, I am getting excited for winter and snow--we are supposed to have a hard one this year).

We happily spent time with John and Li this weekend as we do most weekends! Lisa and I hit some garage sales (nothing good), shopped a bit, laid in the sun a bit, gossiped a bit and laughed a lot. This morning though was the best, we met up in the morning and went for a run along the ocean on the boardwalk. It was PERFECT weather--a breeze and of course that unbeatable view. I love it here.
After, we went to a surf board swap and just window shopped. When we got back to the marina, all 4 of us took our boat out for a ride.

Attached are a couple cute pics of Ollie trying on little Recees' adorable Hula-girl halloween costume.
More pics to come... Frank has a dragon costume he is dying to model!

for your wednesday evening.

the late night talk show hosts and their take on the debates

two blanket night

--- thats the forecast for tonight! As the temps cool in the day, they DROP during the night. Tom and I both think the first few days of fall are great. :-)

Kristen, Tom's niece, just forwarded me some pics from her visit in July that are for sure blog worthy. She has a great eye and some shots she got of the city are great.

Hope everyone is hanging on and hanging in with this depressing economy.

atlas at rockafeller
the mews in context to other buildings in greenwich (the mews are the old stables that are now converted and coveted homes)
di at a lit empire state building on display at moma
tom and kristen
di and a parrot
tom at the boat
the dock

old friends

Hey everyone-- hope your week is going well. Ours is! The weather warmed up again and the fall colors get more vibrant every day--it is truly beautiful. The best thing about this week is we had a visitor! One of my closest friends, Todd, came into town for work stuff and we made sure to carve out some time to meet & catch up and have dinner. He even got to meet Frank and Ol which was a treat for all of them! :-) It was great to see him! I don't have any pictures from his trip here this time. I am pretty much already known as "that girl" when it comes to photographing every element of our lives (much to Tom's dismay) so I figured my pics from visits past will have to suffice.

Tom is out in Long Island today for work, which is a bit of a drive and I am recovering from a very busy quarter end which had me keeping some late hours.

Not much else exciting happening here in our little area of the East Coast. Later.