happy national kissing day!!

We hope all of you celebrate this holiday WHOLE HEARTEDLY!! Yay for these fun holidays!

Happy Monday and back to the regular work grind--but for some reason, coming off on one of our well loved "stay-cations" on the boat, it wasn't so bad to come home and get back to work.

The long weekend was perfect! The weather was a bit odd now and then with some wind and some clouds, but for the most part it was HOT and sunny! Friday we took our boat and John and Li took theirs and we headed to Tyces Shoal for the weekend! I have spoken of this place before for you regular readers so as a quick summary to remind everyone, we anchor in the Bay and then take the dinghy in, walk a short distance across Island State Park, and pow! we are on the beach--perfect soft sand, rolling waves and often a different climate as the beach is much more protected.

Saturday morning we manned our dinghies and headed to the beach. While the guys babysat the dogs, Li and I ran 4 miles along the beach. It was wonderful to get the exercise but also to just be on the beach. Where I am from, I would have to go FAR to find a beach like that, with weather like that, to have even a similar experience. It was more than a run even, we did other excercises like dodges and lunges as we had to maneuver our forward moving bodies out of the way of nearly invisible fishing lines extended from the sand to the ocean on some of the fishing polls posted in the sand. We actually got pretty good at noticing the lines just seconds before we'd be clothes-lined so that made it for a more agile workout for sure! :) We are happy to report we only got clothes-lined once!

The rest of the day was spent frolicking on the beach with the dogs, laying out on the boat and enjoying a beach campfire while watching fireworks in the distance. Pretty much--a perfect day... in fact, the next day was a lot like that too. :) Tyces is one of our favorite spots and we've found that many local people don't even know about it --so we feel lucky.

Attached are some pics from the fun. This weekend we are off for another adventure--this time to Vermont to visit with some friends that now live in Florida. We have never been to Vermont and are excited for the road trip!!

We'd also like to say Happy Birthday to one of our favorite families (their blog is listed on our "Other Blogs we Visit" list): Deb, Chris and Lauren who all have bdays within days of each other. Lauren, the star of the family (for now anyway--until her little sister is born this Winter) turned 2 and we are sad we missed her party!

-Tom and Di with the amazing beach and sky behind us

-night campfire

-Di and Lisa goofing off doing: leapfrogging, yoga, being weird, fake fishing... and on and on and on

-Tom and John building our beach camp fire while Lisa and I goof off

-the boat

-Di and Ollie girl on the boat

-Tom on the dinghy


  1. Lauren said...

    Ah, you are so sweet! Thanks!  

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