farewell friends

Hello everyone! After much thought we have decided to follow in the path of Seinfeld, Lost, and other great things that have opted to quit while they are ahead; so friends, this will be our final post.

This blog has been a wonderful experience for us! From its beginnings as just a site for family & friends to keep up on our life on the East Coast to what it has morphed into-- a launching pad for Diana's travel writing as well as a site that boasts followers from all over the world (Seriously! I'm talking Russia even. We hardly believe it either)-it has been a lot of fun!

Thank-you VERY much to all of our followers and supporters that often told us how much they loved the blog.
Next time you find yourself surfing the web and have an inkling to read about travel, New York, Mexico, Europe, the beach, New Zealand or really anywhere, come and visit Diana at Travel. Write. Repeat.

So, until we meet again in the world wide web, today we say for the final time, goodbye and thanks for reading.

Be well,

Tom & Diana

This third Zion post (read one & two) brings the trip to a close, at least the documentation of it on this website; the memories of course will live on.

I mean really, three high-school buddies meet up and road trip for a long weekend? How could that not be a great time! I am so thankful for Rachel and Jean, for the laughs and hot tamales, for the wacky pictures and wackier people in some of the establishments we frequented, for the bonding time we had in that amazing scenery, and for Melissa; another dear friend who decided to get married in this gorgeous spot!

Below are the remaining pictures I'd like to share.

The Emerald Pools Hike
There are three pools reachable on this Hike: Upper, Middle & Lower.--each reached by a different trail that included waterfalls both large and small, narrow paths and sheer drop-offs.

Jean & Diana across the canyon at the Upper Emerald Pool--about to be hit by the waterfall spray.

the view when looking up

Diana at the middle pool

one of the stealth waterfalls

gorgeous views at every turn

After the Emerald Pools, we hiked through an area that was more desert than anywhere we had seen so far. Hardly any trees and not as many high peaks. The riverbeds were mostly dry (we were warned about flash floods though) and we were convinced that episodes of Star Trek or Land of the Lost were filmed in the exact spots we were standing!
side note: after getting home and looking up some of the areas we were in, I found that this area of Utah as well as the Eastern part of the state was used for many episodes in various Star Trek seasons.

Rachel's glamour shot

Diana getting a little running in on the side of the mountain

Made it!

catching some rays

A nearby elk farm

and, the beautiful bride

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