Yesterday after work I took the short drive (40 some miles) to the wonderful, famous and highly intelligent ivy laced town of Princeton, NJ. Its was my third visit and is not even close to being my last--its such a cool place. Quaint and hip--at the same time! How can that be?

It was a beautiful evening in the 80's and for it being summer break--the town was packed.

Gretchen, my good friend from California, was in town for work and normally I meet her in the city for dinner, so this was actually a nice change as I had been wanting to get back to Princeton again. The town is inspiring (normally) for creative writing, but yesterday--it wasn't doing much for me in that regard while I waited for Gretchen in one of the many coffee shops that line Nassau St (the main drag). Instead, I took some notes and mainly watched people just enjoying myself. I wished Tom would have been with me--he hasn't been to Princeton in over a decade and its just a gorgeous area with the campus, the history (George Washington had headquarters here too!!) the shops and the gorgeous buildings.

We ate at a delicious little restaurnt overlooking the trendy shopping area of Palmer Square (you know the tuition here is high just based on the shops in this "college town"--lets just say WAY different than most college towns I have been to...) while we planned and booked our Panama trip details for this December! Very fun night!!

Tom and I are headed to Vermont this weekend to visit some friends--I will have pics to show and stuff to say I am sure.


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