Paradise... in New Jersey??

Yes, truthfully I can't believe I am saying that out loud-- but it is a statement I stand behind and unless you have been here, I understand if you don't believe me... but the Jersey Shore rivals any beach in California (and remember, I am FROM the West Coast and have spent many many days in Cali and on the beaches).

Tom and I (and the dogs) are spending some of our much deserved vacation days on Long Beach Island which is 75 miles south of NYC and 55 miles East of Philly and approx a 2hr boat ride from our home marina in Point Pleasant. LBI is a Shore area made up of various beach communities that see most action in the summer months (as with all places on the Shore, securing summer rentals here are quite common for families or groups of friends from all over the East Coast). There is some fall activity as well including the famous Chowder Fest and in the off-season, all the hotels etc are very dog friendly so quite the community still gathers (Ang--you guys must come down and bring Bessie for sure).

We got up this morning and headed south in the boat. It was HOT and still is--and very humid! The dogs and I took our normal positions on the front of the boat laying out for the entire trip while Tom captained us perfectly into the Beach Haven Yacht Club (where we are staying for just a few nights). In case you are wondering, the dogs LOVE the boat and they love to lay on the front while we go full speed ahead. If it gets too windy I just cover them with a towel and all is good.
Beach Haven is my favorite spot on LBI. (Faithful readers, you may recall that Lisa and I came her last summer by car to take in the sights and do some shopping). This is Tom's first visit to LBI and we brought the bikes and this evening we have already rode into town (not far) and hit some of the many quaint beach boutiques and surf shops (and the BEST pet store ever). Tom isn't the shopper I am so I likely will bike in on my own tomorrow which is fine with me.

The weather is gorgeous and the view from our slip is so relaxing. I will post more as the days progress and add pics when I get home on Sunday evening.

For now--here is a map shot and some fun facts (I am SO into facts lately)...

ps: we had some of our great friends in town last weekend and I am waiting to get some pics from them so I can post them. Stay tuned on that.

* The movie (and book) Jaws is based on the Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916, a real life series of shark attacks which began on Long Beach Island.

*The scallop boat "Lindsay L", docked near Viking Village in Barnegat Light (on LBI), was used in the movie The Perfect Storm.


  1. SeattleGrl said...

    I would love to when it stops raining. And I already have an unfortunate tan to boot!!! LOL!!  

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