Celebrity Sightings

I realized that I have never done a post on this subject--- but for good reason as its only been recently that I have even seen any celebrities in NYC. When I first moved here, I'd head to the city and not TRY, but try to look for some celeb sightings yet I always came up empty. The real disappointing part was when I'd get home I'd hop onto one of the many gossip websites and see where celebs were spotted just blocks away from where I was (ie George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, etc).

Before I name names, its important that I give my readers the low down, so when you visit this fine city you are prepared:

NY is different than LA. In LA, celebs are out and about and from what I hear, they WANT to be seen. They make themselves visible and some even go to places that many celebs hang out at so to guarentee that their picture is taken. In NY, celebs want to just fit in. Many of them live here and perhaps even the same ones that go to LA to be seen, come to NY to just be.

So--for that reason, if a celeb is sighted in NY--it is so NOT cool to go up to them and a) gush; b) ask for an autograph; c) tell them you are their biggest fan; d) ask for a picture with them. While I am good at all of them but (d), I am getting better... I am not on the West Coast anymore and I must act accordingly. (side note: I have yet to see Jon Bon Jovi or David Beckham in person and if I do, all rules go out the window as I WILL do all of the above).

So the top 3 (in my opinion that I choose to highlight in this forum) I have seen in the past couple months are in order of appearance as well as a bit of commentary and some photos from the web that are all readily available:

1. Kiefer Sutherland. Sat in front of me on the plane from Seattle to NY. He is short and thin. He was wearing skinny jeans. He did look though like he could have saved us all from a dire emergency if necessary as he is Jack Bauer (24).

2. Elvis Costello. Saw this classic music man in Soho walking amongst the locals carrying some shopping bags. He was cool So cool.

3. Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor (Ben Stiller's wife or Marsha from the Brady Bunch remake movies): On 5th Ave right outside Tiffany's. As with Keifer, short, very very short and crazy wild gray messy hair... but still Ben Stiller and he looked just like a normal guy and his wife--gorgeous.

There you have it... thats it thus far.


  1. SeattleGrl said...

    OMG-Dude I am not saying this but I was going to blog on this subject and say EXACTLY what you wrote. AWESOME POST!!!! Good for you....Great minds think alike....I mean really great post Diana!!  

  2. SeattleGrl said...

    What about "Christopher" from the Sopranos? You saw him too..  

  3. Di and Tom said...

    oh yeah-- forgot him. I also am forgetting Rachel Ray---or wait, am I? :)  

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