jello legs

As Tom and I continue our vacation on LBI we also continue to have fun and manage to get in some exercise too-- regardless of the HEAT and HUMIDITY!! Yesterday, and to write this even makes me hurt a little, we rode our bikes to Barnaget Light--the tip of LBI. Round trip it was 35 miles. That is officially BEYOND my limit on a bike in 80 degree weather( or really in any weather...) and the only thing that kept me going was chanting to myself "skinny jeans" for about half the ride back.
When we made it back to the boat I asked Tom in all seriousness if it was odd that I felt like crying.

After showering and having a cool drink I realized what I knew all along--the ride was awesome. We passed thru all of the beach towns on the island including Spray Beach, Brant Beach, Ship Bottom, Surf City, Harvey Cedars and Love Ladies and finally made it to Barnegat Light known for its historically famous lighthouse "Barney" that was just "re-lit" in recent months after a long dark spell.
When we got to Barnegat Light we allowed ourselves to rest a bit while drinking coke from bottles (imported from Mexico!! My fave drink--who'd think I'd find it here!!) and we saw dolphins swimming very close to shore--beautiful. This was the first time we had seen dolphins in Jersey.

We ended our day with relaxing at the boat and a nice lobster dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Today we took the dinghy out a few times and cruised the areas and oooh'ed and ahhhh'ed at the amazingly large homes down here. We did take a shorter bike ride--just 8 miles (and neither of us sat much during the ride if you know what I mean) and headed in the opposite direction as yesterday to the other end of LBI--Holgate.

Our time here is winding down--sadly. We head back home tomorrow to get ready for work on Monday. I will post some pics over the next few days as well as post on our friends the Davidows that visited last weekend.


  1. Lauren said...

    Keith Davidow? How is he doing? I think of "skinny jeans" often & cry but for other reasonas than a 35 mile ride. Now its more because I have a long road (pardon the pun) before I get to skinny jeans.  

  2. SeattleGrl said...

    Love the "skinny jeans" comment. I can so relate...I laughed so hard when I read that!!!  

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