well-- this is a somber post. Most of our posts are quite cheerfull and full of the positive vibes we feel living in the NY area, being blessed with our jobs, our health and our friends and family. But this post dear readers, is of a different tone all together.

As you know, I am a writer (well, an aspiring one, but actually calling myself a writer in a public forum is the right thing to do from a motivational standpoint) and as a writer, I am pitching several ideas for articles to many different publications (A pitch is basically an idea with facts and pre-written sections of an proposed article one is proposing to write for a specific publication(s)).

With the encouragement of Tom and friends (most recently Cora, Angie, Laura, Melissa, Karen and my mother-in-law Bev) I have been pitching ideas focusing on my travel experiences and interesting locales in the NE area. I appreciate the support (thanks guys) and feel I have some great angles/ideas.

Now to the somber part...
I pitched an idea to a famous Newspaper that is read all around the world and makes its home in Manhattan. This publication shall remain unnamed in this post as the journalist society is a small one...

Anyway-- my pitch, to this world famous newspaper (that makes its home in Manhattan and who everyone I am sure can guess its name) a few months ago, to the very specific regional section in the Weekend edition, centered on a specific artsy town near Princeton, NJ. My pitch, very concise yet detailed (which is possible), was sent to them in time for the Spring/pre-summer rush for their readers to benefit from the small town community, historical sites, antique shops and art gallerys (as well as the best pet shop you'll ever visit in the NE) before the summer crowds take residence. I did not hear back from the editor (of whom I had his direct email address AND name) even after I pinged him a couple of times--which is how it sometimes goes in this "business". I was not discouraged-- I just assumed that this was not the time for this type of article.

Since then, I got married, vacationed in paradise and worked very hard at my real job.
Upon coming back from my honeymoon, Tom and I were reading the paper, as we always do on the weekend, and as I opened the local, regional specific section of this specific unnamed paper-- the wind was knocked out of me. On the FRONT PAGE of this section was an entire article about THE SAME TOWN I had pitched with the SAME EMPHASIS on the art galleries and town charm.

Now, I beg of you, please make your own call on this predicament that I find myself in:
Is she just being arrogant to think that it may be possible that her story idea was so perfect and so wonderful that it was bound to be "professonally borrowed" and given to a staff writer at this famous publication in order to save money in this dying newspaper print world?
Is she being naive to think that surely she can't be the only person to have thought about this town and its artsy ways and that this is just bound to happen and that surely another person would have known the newspaper lead time and the editor's info (which honestly--is very possible) and the draw this town has to all people in the NE region?

To be fair to myself, I have not yet made a decision on where I feel I stand on this issue. My friends have been kind enough to throw their hands in the air and cry "theif" (thanks guys) and tell me that my idea was "stolen"... but I am not as quick to jump to that conclusion.

As it is, the only conclusion that matters is that the story has been written and I need to keep plugging away with other inspiring travel articles about areas both near and far to pitch to the many publications out there. Oh yeah, and maybe get an agent (I can dream).

Thanks for your sympathy in advance.

** the image appearing in this post is both fitting and also found on the blog bitsnbitesoflife.files.wordpress.com of from which I borrowed it...

tons of pictures

We made it home yesterday after the best vacation ever---our wedding day was perfect! I think I have already mentioned that, but I can't help but mention it again!! I loved my dress, Tom looked so handsome, our friends and family all had so much fun---it couldn't have been better. Just a fabulous time and I can't stop looking at the pictures!

Today we poured through all of the professional pics that we had taken and the volume is overwhelming (400+)! I am working at getting a dvd ready to send out to friends and family and its a daunting task--but a fun one!!

Frank and Ollie had a fab time at John and Li's. It took them a day to get back in the groove of normalcy again at home (I am sure it took John and Li longer) :-).

Here are some pics from the trip!
There are a ton, so get ready!! They cover the ceremony and also just fun on the island with friends and fam over the past 2 weeks.
side note: Heidi MAY! Hello!! Thanks for the comment--great to hear from you. I sent Andrea a note to get you my email address so we can reconnect! Can't wait to catch up!!


I know its been sooooooooooo long since Tom and I posted, but we have been BUSY in Paradise!! As you all know--we got married on the beach on the beautiful island of Curacao in the Caribbean at sunset on March 20 (first day of Spring).

It was beyond words---perfect beyond anything Tom or I imagined and better than our best predictions of how it would go.
The ceremony was perfect, the priest sincere and the guests were top notch!! The after-party was perhaps the best after party in all of the world with sand dancing and tons of pics!!

There is no way I can describe how wonderful it felt to be married to Tom in front of all those close to us in such a beautiful setting! It was so much fun--we want to do it again.

Our guests (and there were so many that couldn't make it, but they were in our hearts) all had a great time too (so they told us) and came from all over North America!

The staff at the Curacao Marriott resort could not have been better (I highly recommend the coordination services of Anjali) and seriously--the entire trip has been PERFECT! More details to come as I post pics when I get back to the states!!

a couple pics...

curacao art

view from our room

the lobby of the hotel

palm tree area ("the 5 palms" that we are getting married under)


Ahhhhhhhhh Paradise. We made it and we love it and we don't want to leave (its a good thing we love where we live or else--I don't think we would leave here)!

We got in after a long day of travel through Florida (even stopping by Ft Lauderdale Beach during Spring Break--too bad we are about WAY TO OLD for that to be cool anymore) and thankfully uneventful plane rides and no lost luggage!

We were surprised at the airport by Tom's brother Ted, his wife Karen and their 4 girls. They rented a true party bus--complete with rusted floor boards and zero shocks (or brakes so it seems). Ted is a natural Curacao driver tho and we trucked right along to our hotel.

Upon rolling up to the lobby in this sweet machine we were surprised again to see Doug and Gretchen, our friends from Santa Monica, waiting in the lobby enjoying some of the home brewed Curacao beer: Amstel. We checked in, checked out our room (NICE-- right on the beach) and then all of us headed to dinner at the hotel bar (even the kids gotta go in--I used the "we're getting married here" card to work some magic and believe me, I have used it since--liberally--for all types of special treatment (in reality-- this place is so amazing and very Dutch (a Dutch colony) which automatically translates to very nice people (thinking of you Yvonne) so this "special treatment" is probably run of the mill. We love the Dutch and like Aruba, we love the local people.

At dinner we were again surprised by 2 more friends, Lloyd and Karen. Lloyd and Tom went to college together and he and Karen now live in Toronto. Lucky dogs--they had a direct flight here.

Today Tom and I got all of our wedding appointments out of the way this morning and things are going great! We love the coordinator and if any of you out there plan on getting married on an island, I recommend this one. After, we relaxed on the beach soaking in the sun and waded in the water. Like Aruba, the water is quite warm. It is winter tho still--the tail end anyway, so the locals have "warned" us that the water is a bit cool (only 76 degrees)!!!!
The land temps are in the 80's and beautiful. The breeze off the water makes it very nice.

We haven't seen too much of the island yet--that will come in the next couple days. Tonight Tom and I "split up" and he went on a night dive with Gretchen and Doug while I am hanging back tying up some last minute details and waiting for more family to arrive tonight. Gretchen, Doug, Tom and I are going diving tomorrow morning (which we are so excited for). Instead of the boat dives we are used to, the best dives here are done from the shore, so we just have to gear up and walk into the water). So far. Gretchen and Doug have seen tons of squid, sea horses and eels We love every bit of vacation and this island is just awesome. In fact, where else can you sit on your deck and look out onto the ocean and the white sand while at the same time sipping a glass of wine and being cooled by the soft breeze just as the sun sets? I guess lots of places--- but one is here and we are so happy to be here! We miss our babies tho--- thanks John and Li for taking care of them!!!!

Pics to come soon. There isn't great wireless coverage here (only drawback) so I am not sure how much I can post... but we'll get some pics up!

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

hey everyone-- my sincere apologies for not posting for ages! Tom and I have been out of control busy getting everything ready for our wedding/honeymoon trip to Curacao! We head out in a few days and as everyone knows--- getting things tied up at work prior to leaving for an extended period of time is a bit time consuming!

Even though we have been busy with work, we have managed to find time to have A LOT of fun which includes trips to the city to wander and be with friends, eating at some fab restaurants (so many in NY--its unbelievable) and even partaking in an early St Paddy's day parade.

Most recently, but with no pics to post, I met Gretchen for dinner at Fig and Olive uptown--- near St Patrick's and the famous Palace Hotel. She'll be in Curacao with us so I'll get pics then, in fact----we'll have so many pics! Stay tuned!!! :-)

Here are some pics with some commentary.

a police officer totally in the green spirit!
Tom and Di on one of the many bridges in Central Park
Zach, Ang and Tom at the parade
old fallout center in Greenwich Village
dog walkers in Madison Square Park (the wiener dog in the blue is named Walter)
Tom and Di in Central Park.
John, Li, Tom and Di on a very special day in NY (Feb 28) But it was SO cold.
angie and Di at the WORLD FAMOUS Hoboken St Paddy's Day Parade (on Mar 8)
great panoramic shot of the city

we've been pounded!

Our biggest snow storm of the year hit last night! We have about 10" and its gorgeous! The best thing is that the roads are all plowed and we can get around town semi-easily, except for early am. Whats crazy to us, is that still Seattle has had more snow than us this year! Wacky! The dogs, normally like the snow, are not liking it anymore. They want Spring to come. I had to dig a "road" for them in the yard so they could do their business. Its only 16 degrees right now and with wind, in the negatives.

I have a lot of pics to post from our weekend in the city and I hope to do that this week!