boat trip vacation

I am trying to keep the blog up with all of our pictures and adventures as of late and its been tough! Too much--but I am not complaining!

Here are more pics from our week off on Long Beach Island. What a fabulous trip that was! Can't wait for the next one...hint: its in a state we have not been to yet...

Sunset shots!

Diana in the surf!

Us relaxing on the boat at the Marina

Ollie at breakfast with us--waiting for a crumb


  1. Andrea said...

    I am still amazed at all the places you get to go and all the things you get to do! Thanks for sharing and letting the bored housewives live a little through you:)  

  2. Di and Tom said...

    there are so many more places to see out this way...thats the best thing! thanks for reading! :)  

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