midwest friends

Hello everyone! This post is a bit out of order, but none the less important... two weekends ago our friends from Michigan, Keith and Diana Davidow, came to visit for a long weekend. They came in Friday am and Tom and I picked them up and headed straight to the city! After the normal stops (Chinatown, lunch in Little Italy, Times Square, Top of the Rock etc) we headed home and prepared for the annual event on water: Aqua Palooza!!! This water event is held nation wide and its basically a party on the water. Boats head to a named area and tie up together and listen to music, play in the water, hang on the beach etc. This year was PERFECT weather! We tied up with John and Li and spent some very lovely moments on the floaties and doing a little dinghy driving. We treated the Davidows right too--John hooked us all up with the makings for an excellent beach bon fire! It was the perfect weekend on the boat! (side note: the Davidows did GREAT on the boat ie sleeping. They were the first couple we have had sleep on the boat and the bed they were on isn't exactly the largest... they seemed to love it though!!)

We spent Sat and Sunday on the water and then Monday (Tom and I also had the day off ) Diana and I headed into the city again to hit the Village boutiques and do some shopping on the Upper West Side. Love it there--never get tired of the city. We had a great time and met up with the guys later who toured the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier thats on the Hudson.

We hope they come back before summer is over! Keith is a great photographer and he took all the pics for the weekend. I am posting some now!!!

Come back soon K & D!!!


* pic of the Intrepid the guys visited

* Davidows at the Top of the Rock on a HOT HAZY day.

*Tom and Keith enjoying some beach snuggles. ahhh friends!

* tom & di enjoying some boat snuggles

*Di and Lisa "fishing". Looks like Tom doesn't think we are really fishing. Odd...

*the boy

*girls from our marina hanging on the beach

*the girl

*Keith and Diana at the beach



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