Orange County NY

Only about 40 min outside of NYC is Newburgh, NY in Orange County, which is home to small strip malls and not much else---until Orange County Choppers built their headquarters there right off the highway! Tom is a motorcycle guy for sure and he and I have enjoyed many road trips to Banff, Alberta and Lake Tahoe on our bike in past years.

Of course, on our road trips we rode on a BMW cruiser which came complete with an awesome stereo, stability that allowed me to not even have to hold onto handles or Tom as I sat behind Tom and, my favorite, seat warmers (which came in VERY handy as we traversed up Mt Hood one very cold night). The BMW bike is nice and in reality, if an Orange County Chopper rider was to pass us on one of these road trips whilst I possibly could have been holding a latte and wearing my regular safe helmet and matching jacket (rather than the Chopper "skull hat" and leather vest uniform) while meandering through the scenic mountain pass, they may have not even acknowledged my obligatory "wave" that all motorcycle riders give to each other... a virtual secret handshake if you will. And, I always wave.

Regardless---a motorcycle is a motorcycle (sort of) and we love the OCC show (Paul Sr., Paulie and Mikey) and their bikes and when we passed the headquarters on the way home from Vermont--we had to stop!
It is a huge shopping store with every article of clothing you could imagine branded with the OCC label. Many of the Choppers they build on the show are on display and they are so cool looking. There is also a large access area to the shop so you can watch the bikes get built and watch the show get filmed.

It was a neat stop on our road trip and one that will be on our list for visiting tourists that are into that kind of thing (my brother, Tom's brothers, our dads, etc).

A couple pics for your enjoyment... and check out the website!


  1. Kathlene said...

    I had no idea motorcycles had come so far. Stereos, seat warmers? Wow!  

  2. Newburgh Restoration said...

    There is PLENTY more going on in Newburgh! I hope you will be able to check some of it out!  

  3. Di and Tom said...

    Thanks NR--I will make a POINT to go back now and check out this historical town! Thanks!!

    Hi Kathlene-- yes, they are very hi tech these days--but still, legs are hurting after a few hours! :)  

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