snowgate, blizzard of 2010, winter storm event ---these were just a few of the terms thrown out by the news media (and then consequently, the general public) after the last few days of snow falling again in our area. This time it really was an event though. month alone it has snowed every 1 out of 3 days and March (just next week, wow!) looks to be following a similar pattern since the forecast calls for more Wednesday and Thursday.

Yes, I am still liking it and went out and shoveled and walked to Starbucks etc-- but I do find myself day dreaming more and more about laying on the boat in the warm sun...

Here are a few pictures from our own little snowgate: the neighborhood.

This is from our kitchen looking out onto our deck. That dark area at the bottom is the snow pressed up against the glass.

The neighbor kids Paul & Hannah taking a break

A house down the street. That snow accumulated in 3 hours after being plowed by a bobcat.