Now and again, when I have a free minute, I go through all of my magazines that seem to pile up (this includes my online subscriptions), many of which are centered on NYC, and I am amazed at the eye catching, sometimes odd things I discover. New York is a melting pot of all that is good, bad and weird in the world and here are some of the things of late that caught our attention.

Posh Icelandic couple sued for putting IKEA kitchen in swank Gramercy Park Hotel pad
courtesy of the Daily News

Apparently, the swank GPH is far too glamourous for run of the mill Ikea sinks. People, COME ON! Don't you know that you need to ask all of the important questions (like if the iron steams horizontal or vertical or sink brand) BEFORE you agree to rent a room... Geez. Obviously not locals.

In keeping with the above posh theme I have started...

Posh Soho House boots 'uncool' members
courtesy of the NY Post

This very, very, VERY elite hotel in one of my fave hangouts, the Meatpacking District, seems to be ditching the crowd that may look too elite (even the Sex in the City girls got booted in an episode). If you can get into Soho House parties (in particular, their pool parties on the roof are FAMOUS) you are definitely living right-- but now it seems, unless you can fit into the restructuring plan to get the House back to its "creative roots", well-- forget it. Even the early members (4500 in total with 3000 on the waiting list) are having their membership renewals declined because from what I can gather from this article-- the image of stuffiness and corporate-ness is a thing of the past; the management even requested that members not wear suits and ties. What apparently is still supported by the management is the "encouragement of under 27 memberships".

Side note: my very fabulous friend Justin (under 27), artist and film producer, actually had an invite to one of the pool parties last summer and INVITED ME! Sadly I was out of town and I recall wondering that I'd be a bit nervous for Tom and I showing up because maybe WE were not elite enough--- I mean, I actually swim when I go to pool parties--CANNONBALL! Anyway, now no need to worry about that! I am calling Justin to see about this summer!

... and to wrap this up I want to bring the last example down a level---one the common man can relate to: motorcycles.

New York Magazine had a feature on some new shops that offer complimentary food & drinks while you shop. This in itself doesn't sound too odd; in this economy you gotta do what you can to bring the consumer in, right? One of the stores' food and merchandise pairing though does seem to be a category in the childhood game of "one of these things doesn't belong".

NYC Motorcycle Federation on 6th Ave sells biker jackets, stylish gem encrusted helmets, customized leather seats and shredded Harley tees.
The food: Illy coffee, Ceci-Cela croissants and prosciutto panini.
Did I mention that their logo is a skull of the Statue of Liberty, her crown still intact?

Anything about this seem weird? Something about this combo of Harley and croissants doesn't quite work... but in NYC, well everything works.


  1. Captain Key said...

    And all of this is just more fodder for why you LOVE NYC!! :)  

  2. SeattleGrl said...

    A) Now you understand my ban on the UES. B) When I worked in Soho, most of the high end clothing stores and spas had alcohol and food on the menu, it's like being in Vegas. Get them drunk so they will buy. That Soho House, I see an ageism lawsuit in the near future....  

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