Getting ready for the Olympics!!

Our household is very excited for the upcoming Olympics---for many reasons, including:

1) They are very exciting--much more than the summer Olympics (in our opinion).

2) They are in Canada--Tom's home country and where some family still lives.

3) They feel like they are in my home town since they are in Vancouver, BC in Canada (only 90 min from Seattle).

4) We will be in Lake Placid (home of the Winter Olympics in 1980) for Opening Ceremonies and Valentines Day Weekend with our friends John & Lisa.

If you have been anticipating the Olympics as we have been, you will know that Canada is VERY serious about getting some gold this time (as they have not yet gotten Gold when the Olympics have been in Canada). Its bound to be a battle in every event--especially Speed Skating and of course Hockey.

One event though I am expecting Canada to win with their EYES CLOSED--in fact, in this event I am about to name, I think the Canadian athletes should wear blindfolds. This event---Curling. Yes, Curling. Some spectators (read: me) have been quoted as saying "isn't that shuffle board on ice?" or "isn't that the game where they push big circular thingy's around with brooms?"
Good questions--- and I aim to find the answers.

Curling, faithful readers, the third biggest sport in Canada behind hockey and Canadian Football (really? Canadian Football is really that big??), will be the focus of my posts the next few days--partly because I am extremely interested (read: baffled?) in how this "sport" works and what exactly is involved and partly because our gorgeous nieces that live in Calgary are curling CHAMPS in their town and for that reason alone, I am a bit embarrassed that I don't know more about this event so I can properly cheer them on!!

Here are 3 of our Curling nieces (Jillian, Lindsay and Lisa with Gretchen and me in Curacao last March--only Em is missing. Don't they seem to be holding their sparklers like they'd hold a curling broom. Or is it curling stick?)

I will post more soon... but until then, please ponder this word: bonspiel
(pronounced bon-schpeel).


  1. Captain Key said...

    I will look forward to this as I too have been baffled by the existence of curling. Canadian bowling also confuses me. Tell Tom I wish Canada better luck in Olympic hockey than they had in World Juniors. They just can't take two embarrassments on home ice in a row! ha ha :)  

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