earthquake & tsunami

** Update** Family is all safe and back at home. As CNN reported: Hawaii dodged a bullet. Lets turn our attention to Chile.

Lots going on.
First off, the Chilean earthquake. Our heart goes out to all of Chile and everyone affected by this horrible 8.8 quake. The pictures we see on the news give us chills.

One of the unfortunate side affects of this quake is the tsunami warnings all through the Pacific including Hawaii---where I have a great deal of family that live there.

My cousin and her boyfriend on the Big Island are ok-- she lives in one of the more mountainous regions, but the downtown Kona and Hilo areas close to her house are crazy.

My aunt Janelle and family that visited us last summer had to evacuate their house in Kailua (on Oahu, near Waikiki) as it is close to the beach. At 3 30 am my uncle gassed up the car, they loaded the dog, the kids, my aunt Lynne visiting from Oregon and food in the car and headed to higher ground.
All is fine with them right now and as the first waves started to hit, they seem to be having less of an impact than feared, but it is still very soon.

Be safe and appreciate all you have and who you love-- you never know when something out of your control can so quickly and negatively alter your life.


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