hazy shade of winter

This winter is SO unlike last year in the Tri-state area. Last year we had hardly any snow in comparison and it seems to be snowing pretty much every week. I am still not to the point of complaining about it (my husband on the other hand had his fill after the first snowfall) but I am wondering how long this trend will continue.

Along with watching the Olympics, and going on a snow hike the other day on the Appalachian Trail we have been pretty mellow and still recovering from our exciting weekend in Lake Placid. I am attaching a few more shots from that trip! Enjoy!

I'm getting ready to hit the big (little) hill! The best part about snowboarding for me: I love love love my pants!!!

Tom and Diana at the mountain

The girls!

The guys!

One of the nights John and Li arranged for all of us to have a private dinner in the Wine Cellar of our Inn. We had our own waiter and the space all to ourselves. It was a gorgeous setting, the food was perfect and the company couldn't have been beat! That consideration by John and Li made the entire trip that much better. Thanks guys!!

But even that nice dinner didn't stop John (my pseudo brother) from annoying me as he usually does... I had to get revenge on the slopes!


  1. Captain Key said...

    I love, love, love your pants as well! :)  

  2. SeattleGrl said...

    Good for you for getting on a board instead of skis!!! You are a true Northwesterner at heart. Looks like fun but I am with Tom, I am so over this cold. Can you believe like a week from now last year you guys were here for the St. Patty's day parade? I remember I didn't need a coat that day. I am still in my full winter gear!!!  

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