Blizzard 2010

And the title of this post is not just what I have named this storm, its what all of the news channels in NY have named it and we know that news stations never exaggerate any situation...

I do have to say though that this IS A BLIZZARD. My native west coast self is showing and I caught myself looking out the window often today to see the heavy snowfall and blowing winds that have gone on all day and are due to continue most of tonight. I do love it though but its just the dogs and me surviving it together as Tom is in Seattle for some intense work meetings. He is pretty happy to have avoided the snow, but lets hope it doesn't delay his flight home tomorrow!

Earlier today, around noon before the conditions turned really nasty, I went for a jog in the snow (what a workout) and then shoveled our driveway and walk to get some exercise. It was quiet out and gorgeous. The dogs were out with me and here is a funny little video of them! Enjoy!!


  1. ExportRyan said...

    That is some serious snow. Remember when you put Mountain Dew on your neighbors yard when it snowed so he wouldn't play on it.

    We were awesome.  

  2. Di and Tom said...

    hahahhahahaha yes Ry! Paul Ryan is the neighbor you are thinking of. Ahhhh those were the days!  

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