Curling. The End.

It is as if the Universe KNEW I was seeking to learn more about Curling as so many different articles and bits of info seemed to just materialize without any effort on my end (and that, for a writer, does not happen much).

Before I get into more info--first let me start off this final installment of all things Curling with pictures of our nieces in a recent bonspiel (a Curling tournament) that no doubt, they won.




They are so cute!
OK--back to my discoveries on Curling. In the last post I wondered if Scotland, the homeland of Curling had a team that would be at the Olympics. I don't think so. I think maybe the Scots combine some with the Brits team, but I can't be sure...

I also wondered what the draw was to curling.
The endorsements? Yeah, not likely.
The intoxicating cold ice? Doubtful, but I found no evidence to support that.
The sweet uniforms? YES!!! That must be one draw... lately at least.

I didn't have to look far to find that Curling is not really known for its stylish outfits. But you see, Curling is getting to be more well known, in fact--- Curling is the ONLY Olympic Sport that increased its audience from 2002 to 2006 and because of that, NBC will be airing 100 hours of action in Vancouver. According to a producer for the Vancouver Games, Curling will be "without a doubt be one of the hottest tickets at the Olympics".

But again, their outfits or uniforms have been known to be a bit... frumpy...but not this year.
According to some rumors-- expect to see slim fitting, streamlined zip-front jackets and body hugging tops the Canadian team will be sporting this Olympics--complete with the maple leaf and the word Canada in big letters. Even the sale of replica jackets have been popular throughout Canada.

For Curling? I never would have thought!!

Another thing that is sure to bring some new fans is this --which actually, has been in place for a few years now I think--the Women of Curling Calendar.

Here is a sneak peak of one month:

I KNOW, right?? Curling??

And if that was not enough--

Curling has a young, popular and pretty Captain on team Canada: Eve Muirhead. At only 19, she is not only is in the present news of Curling in Canada, but also very much the future. Read about her here:

All in all, this information about Curling has made me curious to watch some of the matches and to see how rabid the fans are during these upcoming Olympics. But no longer am I baffled (as much) about the draw to Curling and I think I can see why people get behind the people that get behind the stones. I think. :)


  1. Cynthetic said...

    Scotland's men's team is skipped by David Murdoch and is playing for Great Britain.

    Curling will be in the Feb 14th Simpsons episode. Also, if you do a search on, Stephen Colbert has a bit on curling.

    :D Cyn  

  2. Laura said...

    I saw that episode of the Simpsons! For some reason, I like watching curling.... I think it's the grace of "delivering" the stone, and then the frantic sweeping, and concentration. It's just so different from everything else....  

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