Who to believe???

OK-- so today is Feb 2 and also Groundhog Day. (It is also the season premier of LOST and also someone's birthday. That someone chooses to remain anonymous because as he says "I'm not a big birthday guy." This "guy" is also my husband. If you figure out his name--well, you are just way ahead of the game because I am not naming names... (happy birthday hon!!))

Anyway-- Groundhog Day. Now many areas in the country have their own Groundhogs that they pay homage to each year. Of course there is Punxsutawney Phil--the assumed "main" groundhog--- but there is also NY's own Staten Island Chuck (who bit Mayor Bloomberg last year) among many others.

Growing up, my Spring start date always depended on Phil. Here is where it gets tricky... now that I am married to a foreigner--a Canadian--I have learned many things. For instance, the word "about" has a different pronunciation '(aboot'), semi-trucks seen on the highway are known as "semmy" trucks and pasta is better known as "paa-stah". While those things I have gotten used to (more or less), its the new findings on this Groundhog Day that I am stiill trying to figure out.

My lovely sister in law Karen made mention that she was hoping Balzac Billy didn't see his shadow this year. I assumed instantly that this unknown name/term was a Canadian anomaly, sort of like Canadian Internet shopping (which dear reader is both a pipe dream and a fallacy).

It turns out that Balzac is a town near Calgary, where Karen lives and where Tom is from.

Here is the problem:
Punxsutawney Phil DID see his shadow... 6 more weeks of winter are on its way (in fact, its snowing tonight here in the NE).

Balzac Billy did NOT see his shadow... Spring is due to come early in Canada.

Who should we believe??? Who does Canada believe? We are torn and honestly after some thought... we have to go with Phil because as I said, its snowing right now and if anything says "Welcome 6 more weeks of Winter", its snow. I am sorry Canada. I have to go with my homeland on this one...


  1. Captain Key said...

    I vote for Canada... home of Tom the birthday boy and bad grammar! Thanks for reminding me about the "semmy" trucks. I'd forgotten. ;)  

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