the "hip" Borough and some funny

Grantie and I ended his trip with 2 more awesome days in NYC (and one day in between of Tom and Grant visiting Orange County Choppers (OCC) and seeing Paul Sr., us all watching the Jets lose to the Colts some serious Super Mario Brothers Marathons on the Wii and dinner at our favorite "mafia" Italian restaurant).

After showing Grant the new Highline Park in the MeatPacking District (an elevated Park that runs parallel to the Hudson--see past posts) we walked downtown through Grant's favorite section of the city--Little Italy and then across the Brooklyn Bridge on a perfectly sunny day. We made our way to the Williamsburg section to have some beers, some Mexican food and to shop some of the boutiques. Grant was a good sport on the shopping aspect. He is currently single (girls... he's pretty cute... hello.....) so he doesn't have anyone that makes him shop at "girl" stores or makes him post for various pictures in various picturesque places... so I took advantage. :)

Brooklyn is much different than Manhattan. There are no buildings taller than a few stories and it really feels like a small town, well, smaller than Manhattan. Brooklyn is really in tune right now with the Indie music scene and has produced nearly as many bands as Seattle did back in the grunge era. Some of those bands are excellent-- TV on the Radio, Matt & Kim and Grizzly Bear are my favorites currently. Brooklyn is the type of town where the famous blend in--even more so than they do in Manhattan. The other thing we noticed is the large amount of mustaches on young, seemingly hip men. I am talking BIG bushy mustaches. The thing with mustaches, and albeit this is just MY opinon, but mustaches really only look good on 1) my 60 year old Dad and 2) Tom Selleck in his Magnum PI days. Really-- not on anyone else--- even in the 80s' when it was "hip". I am seriously off subject here. My apologies. Back to the city.

After spending all day in Brooklyn we were excited to plan our last day in the city... heading in for a taping of the Colbert Report. I have been to Colbert once before back in 2008 when Jean visited and so going again was high on my to do list as its a lot of fun to see a taping and Colbert is very funny.

Grant had never seen a taping of a show so this was a treat for him as well. We did have to wait in line a bit to get in, but while we did we met a nice architecht woman that lived in Greenwich Village (I was very envious) as well as a couple visiting from the Channel Islands in England (side note: I had JUST read a neat book on life on the Channel Islands during WWII and the Nazi occupation-- check it out.

Colbert did not disappoint. We laughed a ton. I didn't want Grant to leave. Tom and I really enjoyed having him here and I tried to drop not so subtle hints that he needs to move out here. I miss him so much and can't wait to see him again.

Enjoy these pics:

Grant in Times Square on the walk back from Colbert and a wonderful time at a very cool Irish Bar on 10th.

Us waiting in line for Colbert

On the Brooklyn Bridge. A gorgeous day.

At Glen's Pub in Brooklyn

My handsome brother with a very teeny Statue of Liberty to his right.


  1. Andrea said...

    If I ever make it to the big apple again in this lifetime you are so going to be my tour guide!! :)  

  2. Di and Tom said...

    Consider it A DEAL!  

  3. Captain Key said...

    You don't have to tell us that your brother is cute. I have already noticed! hahahahaa. Great pic of you two at the BB. On the mustache front, it seems that hockey players are sporting the things as well, though theirs aren't necessarily bushy. They are more thin and shady looking -- very child molester 1980s.  

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