For real. Well, not open, but does a an oven broiler count? This activity was just ONE highlight of our Thanksgiving2008! Roasting chestnuts, like in the song, apparently is a tradition out east much more so than we had heard of out west. John and Lisa have done this since they had both been kids. If you have never had them, a small slit is made in each and then broiled for 15 min or so, they turn out so delicious. The texture is more like a crumbly, but good cookie. Delicious!
Those combined with the Turkey, stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce (thanks Li), rolls etc---made for a filling dinner. We also had major laughs over game time with the extremely tense Jenga and the purposeful lying in Balderdash! Very fun! We are all pretty good bs-ers it turns out!
It was so nice to have them over! We are very thankful for them being in our lives. Of course Reeces and Snicks came up too and all 4 dogs ran around like crazies until they tired out and each crashed in different areas of the kitchen/living room. Very cute.

We are having just the best time off. This long weekend has really turned into a much needed vacation from the everyday stresses of work and we are enjoying each minute. Today we got our tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We plan to decorate the house and tree tonight/tomorrow! The Christmas music is on, the dogs are dressed in their Santa and Mrs Claus attire (pics to come), 'Christmas Vacation', 'White Christmas' & 'A Christmas Carol' are queued in the dvd player and we are ready for another much anticipated Christmas season!!
Here are some pics from Thanksgiving!

Li & Di with the gaggle of wieners
John preparing to roast the chestnuts
Tom and Li working on the next move in Jenga
Tom, Di and Lisa
John, Di and Li


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