marathon mania

Yay Fred!! He ran the famous race and won!! (not really, but he got really close--- he got 6745th out of 37,000 runners!!)! He finished better than he had wanted and was very happy! Tom had some work stuff going on that kept him on conference calls most of the day sadly so Kim and I banded together and became support staff for Fred (well, truth be told, we were REALLY hoping we'd catch a glimpse, or more, of David Beckham cheering on his wife (whatever her name is) who was supposed to be running the race too, but we didn't see him...

Before meeting up with Fred (the race ended at the Tavern on the Green in Central Park), Kim and I headed into the city and after visiting the biggest store in the world (Macy's) we headed to the Upper West Side to wander around before meeting Fred at Starbucks (fans can't really get to the finish line unless you are there from the beginning of the race).

It is safe to say that the Upper West Side is now possibly my favorite part of the city. Its very local-- not touristy at all and the shops and buildings are so beautiful. We wandered through (although probably not really welcomed) into the Astonia where Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a place and where Babe Ruth used to live. NICE.

The cool supermarket, the awesome cheese shop, the Nepalese store, along with the many trendy dogs and people are never ending entertainment.

After meeting Fred we headed home on the subway and train and Tom picked us up.
What a day! Fred looked great and did great!

pics: david beckham (since we didn't get a race pic of him) :-)
fred and kim at the subway
part of the race route on Central Park West
gargoyle at the Astonia


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