Dec 1

Only 1 month until 2009. This year went by fast for us! Today is Monday--back to work day. I actually took the day off today which was nice. We have our tree up and it looks beautiful--but its not decorated yet. We just didn't have the energy to decorate last night.

This was a full news day--some good, some not much good and some a bit puzzling. Here is a summary of the top stories from how we see it.

1) Today is World Aids Day. Love that! HOPEFULLY this recognition will alert some to make their behaviors more safe.

2) The NY news had a special report on the increase of psychic visits in the city with this current economic state. Which leads me to the next headline...

3) recession. we are officially in a recession (as of 12/07). WHY are they telling us now? Why are they telling us something we already sort of knew? Did anyone really NOT know this? Does the market going down benefit anyone???

4) Men now can feel the pain of "spanx"--the figure flattering "under-clothes" that women squeeze themselves into time after time. I cannot wait to peruse the men's spanx section to see just what kind of guy will actually "pretend" to be shopping for this item.

and finally, before I post pics from getting the tree up and the house decorated....

5) today when I was at our usual UPS store (the one we have been going to since we moved here) to ship some items out (Yvonne and Weston, check your mailboxes), I enjoyed seeing the owner there that we have gotten to know over this past year 1/2. As I was nearing the end of my transaction, the owner commented "your canadian is coming out" (Let me make it known that today was 55 degrees and sunny out and all I felt necessary to wear in this "heat wave" was jeans, a fleece and flip flops). My reaction to the owner was polite as he is not a close friend of mine so I could not lash out that "I was not Canadian" so instead, I was polite and said nicely, "I am not Canadian (i was thinking maybe he confused Tom and I since Tom IS from Canada).
He responded with "I know, but Seattle is practically Canada".
Back in Seattle we said that about our state-mates that resided in Bellingham. All I could do was laugh and realize that I do look like I am used to sub zero temps "up north" when wearing flips in December when most people walking around Morristown were wearing Uggs, scarves and hats.

disclaimer: I obviously have nothing against Canadians. They are wonderful. As is Canada, except for their internet shopping accessibility. :-)

Thats all for today.
The pics loaded are tom and the dogs in front of the tree
Ollie warming herself in front of the fire in her Mrs Claus outfit
and Franky taking a break from all the decorating going on