It is freezing today!! With wind-chill, its in the teens! After running some errands we are now at home, in front of the fire staying warm and watching the annual Apple Cup (UW vs WSU). This year, its been labeled the Crapple Cup by all the media outlets thanks to the two team's combined record this season of 1-20. WSU has the only win (but it was against Portland State so it doesn't really count as a win). Hopefully the Huskies will win. There is nothing else I can say on this, no spin, nothing. Pathetic. The one bright spot... the leading rusher for WSU in the entire first half was the punter. Regardless of whether the Huskies win or lose--that is pathetic.

Here are a few more pics from my trip to Seattle...

-kurt cobain mural in the U Dist.
-geoff playing a most excellent host
-michele and I
-emily and ash jumping on the bed (when auntie comes, anything goes)
-their enourmous cat (tigger--which sounds friendly and harmless... but he isn't). He is HUGE. That is my large laptop bag he is sitting next to. I avoid Tigger at all costs.


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