wrapping up the week

its been a great week here in seattle. I had great meetings at work and got to see tons of people I don't see much both at work and friends and family.

Today I wrapped things up at work and had a chance to go to lunch with my team as well as meet my friend Todd for coffee later. Its always great to see him and share coffee, m&m's and grand plans to partner in an up-start coffee roasting company in the hills of Guatemala. I hope he can make it out to NY again soon.

Attached are some pics from GNO #2 (Girls Night Out) and at Deb and Chris' house just before we went out where they toasted Tom and my engagement! Little Lauren even got in on the "ching-ching" toasting action (with juice of course).
Seattle has also put me in the Christmas spirit!! One of the radio stations here is already playing 24x7 Christmas music! Love it!! At first I felt repulsed some--its too early--but really when you think about it, its not. A month from now we will be doing that last minute shopping!!

Early am flight tomorrow and its supposed to snow in NY (fingers crossed, yay) so hopefully my flight is on time (fingers crossed again). But------ before I can even think about that too seriously, I am prepping to head to Michele and Geoff's (my BFF's) house for relaxing and laughing. I may just stay up all night watching movies with them to avoid having to get up at like 4 30 to get to the airport. :-)

pics: girls night out bunch (Marin, Melissa, Deb, Laura, me)
Deb, Chris, Lauren and me
Lauren with the girls
Seattle from my camera phone while I was stuck in traffic on I-5


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