Confucius says...

"Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart".

And this week I have whole heartedly come to Seattle. I am here for work but flew in this morning and spent most of the day with my parents, brother and cousins at my folks house. It was very relaxing and very nice to see them, catch up and talk about old times. My nephew and niece are sick so I didn't get to see them. That bummed me out.

I loved watching the mountain ranges as we flew over Washington-- I do miss that back east, no real mountains. The weather was actually pretty good today too, around 60 and some blue sky. Mt Rainier and the Seattle skyline stood out brilliantly.

Tom is home partying it up with the dogs. After they (yes, they) took me to the airport this morning, they headed to the boat to continue working on getting it ready for winter.

So aside from this long day today, I have to tell you about yesterday. Tom, the dogs and I decided to do a borough tour around NY. It was horrible weather yesterday morning so we thought a drive out of town would be great. As soon as we got into the Bronx--the fog that enveloped the city (couldn't even see the top 2/3rds of the Empire State Building) lifted and it was beautiful blue sky and hitting about 72 degrees! In mid November? What? It was GREAT!

We drove through the Bronx, Queens and parts of Brooklyn. We drove over the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge (you can walk across both as tourist attractions). They take you over to Manhattan, right in the heart of Chinatown. Driving through the bowels of Chinatown at a snails pace (heavy traffic, narrow streets) is nearly as fun as walking through (for the car passenger at least--poor Tom, driving in the city is NOT easy). After our drive around and snapping some shots (see below for the inspiration for the quote in this entry) we headed home to get ready to come BACK into the city with our friends Frank and Patti for dinner.

We had reservations at Bar Americain (a Bobby Flay restaurant in the Theatre District). This is a pretty hip restaurant right now and of course Patti and I had our movie star finding glasses on (but alas, no movie stars this time...AGAIN! Where are they all? I am not going to these hip places just for the food!!) :-)

The dinner was wonderful and the company even better. After, we walked a couple blocks to see the tree at Rockefeller (just being put up now) and the lights and festive decorations that are going up all over the city! The shirts you see all over say it all... I (heart) NY!!!!

More to post later this week. I plan to see as many of my friends as possible in the evenings after work so it should be a fun, busy week!

seattle skyline
radio city music hall decked out
a couple shots of bar americain
Confucius statue in Chinatown (uploading soon...)


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