sunny day

happy weekend! Not too much happening here--but wanted to just post a quick one to say hello. Tom started winterizing the boat yesterday. We keep it in the water all winter as the marina "bubbles" water under the boat all winter so things don't freeze. The leaves are nearly all gone on our trees, much different than last year at this time when summer extended into Nov it seemed. Its still so beautiful and planning on seeing sunny crisp days make getting up in the dark mornings much easier.

All of the decorations are up in the city and the store windows that display their decorative masterpieces that are tourist attractions in themselves, open this week. The Rockette's opened their show, White Christmas is on Broadway and The Rockefeller Center tree should be up soon too. Melissa is coming to visit in December and every single thing we do that weekend will be holiday related! We can't wait!!!

This will be a busy week for us--Tom will be traveling some within NY and I will be working and preparing for my business trip to Seattle. Sadly, I won't be able to see everyone this time--its just too hard. This next summer Tom and I are planning a trip out there together---not for work, for vacation, so we'll see everyone then!

Until we have something more interesting to say... have a great week!

pic: our pumpkins' last day...


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