visit to the city again

today diana went into the city to see my good friend Matt who is visiting NY. He now lives in Seattle, but went to grad school at Columbia in NY so he knows the city very well. We only hung out for a few hours, but it was great to see him. We walked thru Central Park (right by the Dakota, where John Lennon was shot--see memorial pic) and thru Strawberry Fields and other parts of the park on our way to a VERY authentic pizza place West of the Park called Patsy's. I think its official: Central Park is my favorite part of the city. I love walking through and feeling away from the city, but glancing up and seeing the beautiful skyline buildings pop up thru the trees. Today was 65 and sunny again and its hard to find a complaint with a day like this in the city.
After I got home Tom and I went to pick out some new lights for the kitchen and hallway and he is installing them as we speak (what a handy guy!)


  1. Lauren said...

    Hey...I know EXACTLY where you were! Our corporate apt is just out the exit of the park by the memorial & 3 greystones to the west. GREAT location & we loved staying there. But, such a long trip now that we're in Seattle:( Next time you're in the neighborhood, check out Zabar's. I believe its on 80th or 83rd & Broadway or something like that. There's also a good bagel shop just south of Zabar's which is something like H&S or H&H. I know its 2 letters. I'm jealous!!!