still summer in the ne

Just when we thought fall was here... I think I got a sunburn today. It was mid 70's today--and supposed to be up to 80 by Monday. We LOVE it and have been enjoying it! Last night we went into Manhattan for a charity dinner with T-Mobile. Tom's team raised 220K for a charity called City Year, that assists schools in the neediest parts of NYC. PS149 was the school chosen and it was a great feeing to hear the principal and the city year voulenteers speak about the results of the contributions.
It was fun--I saw some of the Suppliers I work with and met some of Tom's new team. Made 2 new potential friends which is always a bonus! :-)

Today we went down to the Marina we chose for our boat (beginning in the Spring). Its in Brick, NJ and it is a beautiful area. The slip we have is perfect with no boats in front--so a clear shot to "park" as well as to view the sunsets.
We met our marina neighbor John who--get this-- has two mini-dachshunds! We met them and they are the same size and coloring as Frank and Ollie! He gave us some good recomendations on doggie life vests.

Tomorrow we are headed back to Neptune, NJ where the boat currently is, to clean it up some to get ready for winter storage. In Brick next winter, we may just keep it in the water year round instead of taking the boat to Florida, but we haven't decided yet. Its quite a community at the Marina in Brick----get togethers etc. We are looking forward to it.
I also plan to lay out a bit after cleaning up the boat--since the temp will be 80!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Other than that-- its a pretty mellow weekend for us. Just getting the last few boxes unpacked and relaxing a bit. I need to post pictures--I will soon.


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