Whoo-hoo! All moved in!

** pics are of the woods just off our front yard and one of the living room (excuse the dog paraphernalia)

Well... almost all moved in. All day Friday, Saturday and Sunday we unpacked, organized, built stuff, shopped etc which all ended up adding up to two very happy people (minus the sore muscles/backs) and two very happy dogs!

We love it here! Its the perfect size for us and so private (the woods in the pic are just 30 feet away from our front door) but close to some really nice shops (Starbucks, Gap, Banana, etc).

We really only have a few things left to do. Tom is building up his "man space" (shop) that is in a finished room off of the garage and I am getting my yoga/workout space all set up as well. We still have to hang pictures and new lights in some spots, and put together our offices, but that's about it. Tom got the BBQ all set up on Saturday so we grilled the last two nights. We really missed that while living in the apartment.

We have even decided that we really like the blue paint in the dining room--it goes well with our dark furniture. Of course the kitchen needs paint as does our bedroom. The bedroom is a sky blue color and far too, I don't know, "cartoon-like" for a Master. We aren't exactly excited about painting--we had our fill at our old house... but we'll see.

I do miss Morristown and the walking everywhere, but here, the gym at the clubhouse is SO nice that it inspires me to workout! Also-- we have the woods to hike in and Tom found a great trail to take the dogs on. (Those shops are within walking distance too, much to Tom's dismay)! :-)Besides, we are only a few minutes drive to Morristown, Madison and many other townships if we choose to drive there and then walk (which we have already talked about doing!)

Our friend Melissa is coming out next week and I can hardly wait. My cousin Malea is planning a trip in Feb! We can't wait to show people around our new area!

More pics to come later...


  1. Kristen said...

    You guys moved in really fast. :] The place looks great!