Back in Seattle...

Diana is in Seattle this week and is happy to see everyone, but ITS COLD HERE. I had to break out the sweaters and buy a pair of boots. I had dinner with my folks and tonight am going out with the girls for some fun and gossip!

Tom is enjoying the 70's and 80's that NJ/NY is still seeing. I hope its still warm when I get back. It was tough to leave there on Sunday: there was a street fair going on that day right in Morristown. I love that kind of stuff--oh well, next year.

Some developments as of late:
(For those that don't want to hear mushy romantic stuff, skip to the next section), Tom is so sweet! I love him so much! He scored me an unlocked iphone! He knows I have been wanting one since they came out and he worked some magic. I was so happy! After a few technical bumps in the road, caused by me, it is working great and is an amazing device!

We met some great friends! Tom knew Bill and Suzanne Diaz from when he lived here a while back. We went to dinner with them last weekend and had a great time! Suzanne and I are going to look into yoga and I am looking forward to hopping the train with her for some adventures in NY.

Finally... and perhaps the biggest and best news... we bought a boat!!!!!!!
We have had our eye on this boat for a few weeks and we thought it had sold. The deal ended up going sour so we had another chance and we got it!
Its a 40ft Silverton Motor Yacht (1996) with hardly any hours on it. It is in immaculate shape inside and out. We'll redecorate a bit and there are a couple of technical things Tom is going to replace. It has two cabins, 2 heads, a hide-a-bed, full kitchen, tv's, a/c and heat, a big deck and plenty of spots to lay out in the sun! :-)

We wanted a boat that we could relax on and entertain on and this is the perfect one!
We'll keep it in NJ for the winter and through next sumnmer. We'll decide next winter if we'll move it to Florida or not.
We are very excited and already can't wait to start working on it to make it our own. I am on the hunt for life vests for Frank and Ollie. :-)
I will attach some pics to the photo tab, but here are a couple.


  1. Lauren said...

    What?! You bought a boat without us & Jack? What will Jack say about this? Congrats & enjoy!!! You're really sweetening the deal for us to come visit. If a boat doesn't get Chris out there, I don't know what will:)