Great weekend!

With day light savings time ending--- its hitting home that winter is closing in. Christmas is in less than 2 months!! (However here you'd still not really know it---beautiful sunny weekend and up near 60).

We have been keeping busy. Friday after work we headed to the Shore to check on the boat. Hurricane Noel was supposed to hit us and we wanted to make sure our "vacation home" was secured. We grabbed the dogs and piled in the car. It was pretty windy there, but nothing too bad (thank goodness). Tom tied the boat down a bit more and we decided to hang out on the boat for a while. We had dinner and watched a dvd (Babel was the movie and it was excellent. It did get a bit long---and was a bit tragic---but so good. Of course it starred some people that currenly reside in NY that I still have not seen in person... Brad Pitt... but, I digress...)

It was so fun hanging out on the boat and the dogs loved it. They ran from bow to stern again and again and while Tom was out braving the elements securing the boat, Frank waited right at the top stair for him (until a seagull would come close then he would run to me for protection).

Saturday morning Tom went back down to the boat and decided to get it pulled out of the water due to the storm (see pic).
It took quite a few guys to help get the boat manuevered in the Marina due to the currents and wind, but they got her out for the winter. (pic). The storm never really hit the NY area on a measureable scale, but better safe than sorry.

We finally got our bedroom furniture Yay! Ordered in mid August and just delivered Saturday. It is so beautiful and very much worth the wait. I think we are two boxes of books and cd's away from being fully moved in.
I tell Tom all the time how much I love it here--the house, the east coast, everything! We both love it!

Tomorrow we are meeting my good friend Todd and his wife Kyla. They came out to run the NYC Marathon today and are in the city for a few days this week. We managed to get reservations at one of the top Italian restaurants in the city and do not ask me how---total luck!!! :-)

I have attachd a pic of the dogs after a long hard week... :-)

Today is our nephew Zane's 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday Zaney!


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