Familiar sights

Being back in Seattle has reminded me that many of the common sights here, seen on a daily basis, just don't exist back east at the same level. For instance, the Save Darfur/Save Tibet/Save A Tree bumper stickers on 3 out of every 5 cars, fleece on nearly ever person you see (which I love and I am preserving this fashion statement back east), constant reminders to recycle and of course a Starbucks on pretty much every street. It doesn't make it better out here, but I do appreciate, and somewhat miss, the laid back, environmentally conscious, free-spirit attitude that is the general aura of Seattle.

Today has been a great Seattle day. It poured rain and hail this morning, and then the sun came out for a really nice (but chilly) afternoon/evening. I spent the day in the Green Lake area, and then had a really fun visit with my cousins that live on Capital Hill. I closed out the day by stopping at the most famous hamburger place in Seattle--Dicks-- for a quick bite to take me back to my UW days. My trip overall has been nice. I miss Tom--this is a long time to be apart, but I have had a lot of time to visit friends and family. Aside from today, the weather has been awful which makes me SO happy that we do not live here anymore. Tom and I really enjoy the change of everything in the east. Its funny--- I feel so much pride talking about NJ/NY to my friends here---but I am very quick to tell anyone back in NJ that even seem semi-interested, that I am from Seattle. I will always be proud of being from Seattle, even if it does rain a lot here.


  1. ExportRyan said...

    Good to see you this weekend, Di! Love ya  

  2. Anonymous said...

    It sure seems like the life is better in NJ... :) We miss you!