road trip

Today, Saturday, Melissa and I took a step back in time and went to Lancaster County, PA to see the Amish. We had been wanting to for a while but being on the West Coast its a pretty far trip. Its only a 2 1/2 hour drive from our house but we stopped at a few places on the way and back so it was a pretty full day.

The Pennsylvania Dutch Colonies were great! A bit more toursity than we imagined... which was disappointing, but we got off the main drag and went into the back roads where the lifestyle we expected to see including horse-drawn buggy's were much more common (see pic). In Bird-in-Hand, PA we stopped at an Amish farm ran by Amos and Sadie. We visited with Sadie as I purchased some homeade apple butter and hand made pot-holders. We visited a bit and then were on our way. I wish we could have stayed longer and visited more.

On our way home we spotted a road sign in southern PA with exit information to Valley Forge. We didn't realize it was n PA and thought we'd see how far out we'd have to go to see it. It was only 4 miles out so of course we went. It was beautiful. We saw the Valley where all the soilders camped and waited out the Winter during the American Revolution. The pic attached is the monument for the only grave marker that was discovered out of all the deaths that occured in the Valley that winter.
We saw George Washington's headquarters and drove under the 1st covered bridge in the country.

It was a beautiful day--sunny and 70--so that made it all the better!

Tom spent the day at the Shore working on the boat! He loved that of course! It poured rain this am--but got sunny for him!