* pic is a preview of Ollie's fabulous Halloween costume...Ollie Longstocking. Doesn't she look thrilled?

It has been a very busy week for us! Quarter end for Di means tons of contracts that must be negotiated at the last minute to get a "great deal" and Tom has been on the road more than he has been home. Today he is in DC for a day meeting---took the fast train, like 180mph or something. We are glad its the weekend--even though it will be fractured; Diana leaves Sunday afternoon for Seattle to spend a week in meetings and but to also get a much looked forward to chance to see some friends. I wish Tom could come; but he is looking forward to NOT flying for a bit and to have some one-on-two quality time with Frank and Ol.

Tomorrow we are trying to add to our friend base out here and are possibly going to dinner with some friends of Tom's that he used to work with. Should be fun!

Our close date on the new place is officially 10/10! Yay! Only 11 days to go in the tiny apartment!


  1. Anonymous said...

    Ollie has a look on her face like a kid that was made by her mother to wear something she thinks it is not so cool - sort of:” Mother... how could you?!" :) But she still looks cute - S.