Fall is here...

and although its still in the 70's during the day, the air is crisp in the morning and evening. It seems as if fall came very quickly. Even some of the leaves are already changing color. This weekend its supposed to be low 70's so not too bad. We were just commenting that we do not have any many "winter" clothes with us--most are packed away in storage unaccessible to us until we move into our new place Oct 12. Looks like we'll be doing a little shopping :-)

Tomorrow we are headed to Rhode Island for the night to visit some friends of Tom's. I am looking so forward to the drive as we cut through a few states including NY, Conn, Mass (very excited to go through Boston). We're going to drive leisurly and stop when we want--I love that! We are also doing some boat shopping. We went to dinner last night with a friend that got us registered for a slip at Marina Jack's marina in Sarasota, FL where we can keep a boat year round. We can head down there on some weekends (flying ourselves or commerically---pretty cheap flights). We are very excited---its all Tom talked about last night. As our friends Chris and Deb know, we have been boat window shopping for a while now... but this time I think its more than window shopping. We are hoping to spend Thanksgiving in Sarasota! :-)

The dogs are getting boarded for the first time here this weekend and their "hotel" is more expensive than the one we are staying at in Rhode Island. And of course you can buy tons of "a-la-cart" services for your dogs during their stay and if you don't, you sort of get the look of "oooooooh, you must not really love your dogs". So--Frank and Ol are getting some doggy spa time and some one on one play time attention.

Tom traveled a lot again this week (just day trips) and next week he flies to Denver for Retail Store Training (where he has to actually work in a store). So if you are in the Denver area, look him up for superb cellular customer service! My week has been busy as well. I find that I work more hours in NJ than I did in Seattle. Having a 10 min commute gives me more time to work I guess. But I can't complain--I love my job and the shorter commute lets me get a run in every day as well as a long walk with the dogs. My big news of excitement is my registration at NYU. I am all registered and contemplating some different classes---at least one online, but hopefully one at the campus as well that is possibly work related so the tuition will be covered. I probably won't start until Winter quarter since we're pretty busy with the move etc.

My Uncle Rod and Aunt Toni are in NY this weekend, but sadly we found out too late and can't meet up with them as we had all hoped. But they still win the award for FIRST FAMILY or FRIENDS TO VISIT US on the EAST--its beside the point that they already had a trip planned. My sister is already planning her trip as well as my friend Jean (and hopefully Craig). My friend Melissa will be out late Oct and we are already planning our days by the hour!

Finally some pics are posted from my solo trip to the city and some new ones of the dogs **under photos tab** and we'll add some from our road trip up north this weekend! The one above is of some Brownstones in Greenwich Village.