Not much to see...but friends!

I am not sure quite what we expected (or what Diana expected) so see on our way to Rhode Island... but what we saw was somthing I know I did not expect.... Nothing. I liken that 3 hour drive through NJ, NY, Conneticut and Rhode Island to the most horrible drive in the world based on the boring factor: Seattle to Portland. I was constantly looking for something "neat" to stop at and take pictures. The closest thing we saw to cool was Yale (we drove by) and an outlet mall. I even asked a couple clerks at the outlet mall to tell me what we could see in Conn and Rhode Island... what they recommended for "tourists". The only thing they could come up with for Conn. was the beach (i am sure that is nice, but we didn't have time for the beach) and that Conn. used to be the insurance capital of the country. That didn't really do it for me so as we pulled away and continued out of Conn. and into Rhode Island, I sort of gave up on seeing anything but I-95. The one great thing was the weather it was great and Tom and I always have so much fun on our road trips. We both look forward to them very much--even if there isn't much to see. :-)

We had a really nice visit with our friends Mike and Virginia and their boys Alex, Jack and Christopher. It made the snooze of the drive totally worth it. We went to a great Thai dinner in East Greenwich, RI and then met for breakfast this morning. It was a great time and we are happy that for now, we are only 3 hours from them.

On the way home we went over the George Washington Bridge which has a great view of all of NY. We traveled through Queens and the Bronx which was fun. We didn't make it to Boston. It was further north, so that will be a trip all its own.

Before heading home we headed to the Jersey Shore to look at a boat. we LOVED it! It was in great shape and plenty big for entertaining. We are thinking it over...

So we are home now and getting ready for the work week. The weekend flew by!!!!


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