Summer weather is still here!

*pic of famous Canal Street in Chinatown--complete with Chinese characters.

Its been great weather here and with the first day of fall being Sunday---its not supposed to feel like fall for a couple weeks yet (its in the high 50's in Seattle... I don't miss that at all)!!!

Tom is in Denver this week and also having nice weather, but his days have been spent in a retail store dealing with phone sales and angry customers! :-) He gets home late Saturday night. So, its been just the dogs and me hanging out. I have been busy working, but found some time to head into the city today and I just cannot say it enough---I love NY. I love everything about it. The train ride in, the shopping, the churches (went into a beautiful episcopal church today near the Village that reminded me of the churches in Europe), the people, the parks... I could go on. I barely needed my map today and didn't even have to ask anyone for directions!
As I stood IN the street at each crosswalk (opposed to on the sidewalk) and walking in-between cars (opposed to in-front of them) I actually felt like people might mistake me for a local... but-- as I walked down the streets with my head darting back and forth, up and down, I knew I must look like the biggest tourist EVER. There is so much to see, I can't help it! Today I walked down to Chinatown (about 7 miles round-trip!) and had some more interesting interactions with the black market purse vendors, saw tons of bootleg movies on dvd (that are still in the theaters) and a large quantity of people dressed like it was still 1984--and not like shoulder pads, leg warmers and high hair--I am talking costume type raver/punk 1984 with the crazy star sunglasses and clashing flourescant clothes. That was very odd. I passed through Koreatown too, unintentionally, but I am glad I did; Neat to see.
I really have fun just getting lost and seeing as much as I can. I am looking forward to family and friends visiting so I can show them these things that make me so happy!

After getting home I found out that I was just blocks away from nearly running into George Clooney who was cruising the city the same time I was. I'm not sure what the secret is to seeing celebrities ... obviously.


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