The City (as the locals call it)

Today we went into NYC (sans dogs) for a day of sight-seeing. (Above pic in Times Square as I take my life into my own hands as I step into the street to get my pic).
We LOVE the city!!! The weather was great and I am so glad that we live here because if we were just visiting and that was our only day in the city I'd be disappointed as there is so much we haven't seen yet. As Tom put it, "its an overload for the senses". For those of you that have been here you know there is constant activity all the time. The sheer volume of people blew me away. We started out (after taking the train from Morristown into Penn Station right by Madison Square Garden) at the Empire State Building and planned to head to the top, but this being a crowded holiday weekend and our first trip to the city, we didn't want to wait in line to get to the top. Another time.

We decided to take one of those touristy buses where you sit on the open-air top, see the sights and hop on-hop off as you wish. What a great way to see the city. We rode for a bit and then hopped off at Chinatown which was packed. Much to my delight, as we left the bus we were greeted by a woman that asked if I were interested in designer purses. OF COURSE I WAS and she led Tom and me to a store front with nothing in it but 4 steel doors--no windows. She opened one door, Tom and I went in followed by a "clerk" and the door shut. Designer purses and accessories were wall to wall, ceiling to floor----it was great. I am very aware that these are designer knock-offs, but the likeness to the real thing was incredible. Tom was a great sport as I modeled a few different styles (all the while I am imagining him thinking "its just a purse") before deciding on a couple cute ones. I could have spent more time there, but Tom was doing so great with all of the window shopping I didn't want to ruin a good thing (and I know I can go back anytime!!)
My sister is very jealous and I have gotten detailed instructions on what to get her when we go back next week. She is even wanting to turn this into a business, me being the supplier and she'll handle sales for the Seattle Market. Get your order in now! :-)

We then walked up through Greenwich Village (Shakespeare Book Company!!!!) complete with tons of brownstones and too many famous literary stops to count (Aunt Cindy you would love it) and then we treked through Soho up to Times Square. Tons of walking, lots of window shopping. We tried to get to Central Park, but we didn't want that to be a rushed thing, so when we head back next, that will be our first stop. Sadly, we ( I say we, but really I am just talking about me) missed all of the Brad Pitt sightings as apparently he and his fam were in Central Park for most of the weekend.

It was a great time and again, so much to see and so much we did see. Lots of interesting people and something very cool, as we were standing with our map open (a couple times in fact) we were approached by "locals" asking if we needed any help. Very nice in a city where they say people do not make eye contact or assist others.

Tomorrow we are shopping for stuff for the new house and cruising around NJ a bit more. I am really liking it here.Tom and I were just talking about how different it is than Seattle. I am embracing it all and excited each day to see something new. That sounds so cheesy... but its true!
I will upload some pics from the city tomorrow.


  1. Lauren said...

    Don't you just love it?! You're making me miss Chicago & the hustle & bustle & closeness to NYC as compared to Seattle.

    I've always been amazed at how nice the NYC'ers are too. I actually think they're friendlier & more open than the west coast is.

    Glad you're enjoying it. Keep up the posts & pics...I'm living vicariously!  

  2. grantis maximus said...

    doesn't compare to everett  

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