sunny sunny sunday

Today we had a nice day in the sun here in our new hometown. We wandered around Morristown this am with the dogs visiting a swiss bakery and enjoying the Sunday paper and then heading to the farmers market to stock up on veggies for the gourmet stir-fry dinner Diana had planned to make (for those of you who know Di's cooking credentials--stir fry IS gourmet). Its nice to buy local organic veggies, we feel like we're back at Pike's Place. The dogs are getting to be famous around here. Regulars that see them on their daily walks come and greet them as well as pretty much anyone we pass on the street. Frank is Mr. Friendly, while Ollie is a bit more reserved.

Later on we wandered around Madison a bit so Tom could see the area and then we headed home, Tom gave the dogs a bath and then we headed to the park. This is our life right now, and we couldn't be happier :-) It is so great to have Tom home after he has been gone for a week. He leaves again tomorrow night, for Seattle this time, but just for 2 nights. He won't have a chance to see family or friends though do to meetings and the fact he is trying to get home early on Wed.

As much as we love it here, we are very ready to move. This apartment, that we are sure had cats as its last residents, has never really seemed our own--always temporary. Today when I overheard Tom say to Ollie "I wonder how you would smell if sprayed with febreeze" I knew for certain we had overextended our stay at Chancery Square. Hopefully the 9th is our new confirmed closing date. I may have mentioned it before, but in NJ you have to enlist not only a real estate agent, but an attorney as well when buying a house. This complicates and lengthens things some.

The weather was wonderful today and is supposed to be nice all week. In the paper today all of the major historical sights in Greenwich Village were identified (i.e. where John Wilkes Booth plotted the Lincoln Assasination, where famous poets met to converse on current events, where they filmed Sex in the City :-))... so I think Tuesday I am going to once again head to the city to visit each of these places as well as Central Park.

Special hi to our niece Kristen! We are glad you like the phone and blog! Come and visit soon! :-) <3
*pic is of Kristen with her dad (Tom's older brother) Fred.