another great day "back east"

Tom is in Chicago right now waiting for the last leg of his flight home. Of course his plane is delayed. You can almost guarantee it these days, especially through Chicago. I can't wait for him to get home! It seems like he has been gone forever! Frank has been sitting at the window for about 2 hours now just waiting for Tom to get home. How do I know he is waiting for Tom to come home? Everytme I say--"where's dad" Frank runs to the window or door and just waits.

So sweet. Tom had a good trip to Denver but he really dislikes traveling and he is anxious to get home--even if it is to this tiny apartment. We may have an earlier close date than we thought on the new house--we hope so!

Tomorrow we're thinking of taking the dogs and heading to the Shore or to the city. Its supposed to be really nice. Although today it was supposed to be nice too and instead it was more like an average day in Seattle--gray.
When you have lived in Seattle most of your life, the joke is that you must have grown gills to survive. I guess that is the case because I have survived so far when it has rained out here; out here--you need gills. It was warm this morning when I wandered into a local church rummage sale about a miles walk away from the apartment. When I left the church about 20 min later (with my incredible find of very cool sushi dining essentials), I was caught in a downpour that lasted no more than 30 min, but in the 5 min walk from the church to the coffee shop where I took refuge, I was soaked and dripping wet! I am sure my Seattle friends are calling me a wimp etc, but I wasn't just rained on, I was seriously drenched! Like, soaked to where I had to get napkins and wipe myself off. I am sure I looked lovely. The rain is more wet here, if that is possible.

After the downpour I took a drive to Madison, a town about 5 miles away-my new favorite town!! Tons of shops (bookstores, record stores, knick knack stores and the best outdoor sports store I have been in in a long time---excluding REI). They also have a Whole Foods in Madison which is a treat in itself. I think we'll be spending a lot of time there as its close to our new house too. There is also a private university there, Drew University. It has a huge theology department which interests me, but also undergrad and business studies. I browsed their catalog and they have a few different course options than NYU for "adult learners" such as myself (one not going for a degree). Its an option. Its a beautiful campus and as with NYU, the courses I would be taking I would audit--meaning no grades, meaning perfect. I am not interested right now in going back to the days of working and going to school with the pressure of good grades. I think actually, without that pressure, I will get more out of the classes I take.

If we see anything interesting tomorrow, I will of course snap some photos and post them.
UW plays tonight against UCLA! Go Dawgs!


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