Labor Day 2007

Hi! Yesterday we went to Hoboken. Hoboken is a trendy town that used to be pretty ghetto. Its now a great city with boutique shops and is basically in NY its so close to the city. Its about 25 min from us and it has THE BEST view of NYC (looking at it across the Hudson.) It is amazing. We walked along the Hudson and I took tons of pictures, but they won't do the view justice. Attached is one. I will add more pics soon.

Today we hung around the Morristown area. Did a bit more shopping for the house (bought a new master bedroom set!), took the dogs to the park and played some tennis at the court at our new house (which was very fun). Pretty mellow. Its been a great weekend, really sunny and warm--prob 85 or so with no humidity to speak of. Not too much else to report today so this will be a short one. Look for pictures soon. :-)


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