Happy Christmas Everyone!

We hope all of you have enjoyed this wonderful holiday season as much as Tom and I have. Each year this time is so magical for us! We had a wonderful time with friends last night for a traditional Italian Christmas Eve Dinner (love you Marc and Donna and your white clam linguine!!!) and wonderful conversation. Today Tom and I enjoyed our present opening and once again we feel spoiled and blessed-- so blessed.

Here are some pictures from all the snow we've had that (a foot fell last week at home and 2' at the boat) has led up to this beautiful White Christmas! Tom captured some of Ollie frolicking in the snow. So funny to have seen in person. Where is Frank you may ask? He barely ventured off the deck--even though I shoveled a path for him in the grass.

Enjoy your day, your families and friends and have a joyful 2010!


  1. Captain Key said...

    I love you Ollie! :) Lick, lick.  

  2. Anonymous said...

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