Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

If Tom and I didn't already feel in the Christmas spirit--we surely do now!! Friday night was our long awaited, much anticipated Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!! The rules were simple-- you had to wear an Ugly Christmas sweater which at one time was surely a sweater someone loved and wore proudly--and you had to wear it PROUDLY!

Many of our friends came--nearly 30 in all-- and most had on either an ugly christmas sweater, an ugly christmas-esqe sweater and in one case, christmas underwear (Marc!)-- but don't worry, it wasn't that kindof party.

We had holiday music, lights and decorations, wonderful food and beverages and the best "help" ever! My best friend Michele from Seattle was out East again for work so she drove up from Philly to spend the weekend with us and help at the party. Her only demand was that she didn't have to wear an ugly sweater. I agreed but didn't understand why! I had an extra one for her depicting the 12 days of Christmas in its crocheted 3D glory... oh well, maybe next Christmas. It also snowed about 4" that day so it was PERFECT!!

I am attaching some pics from the party. There are many more that people took so I may add some later as well.
For now--enjoy!

The winners of the Ugliest Sweater!! Jerry and Frank

The finalists!!

Boat friends! Laura, Anthony & Lisa

Crowded kitchen!

Isaac, Bridget, baby Oliver and Diana

Family picture!


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