Tom, Michele and I headed into the city the day after our Christmas party. We still had a bunch of snow--which I LOVE--and the sky was perfectly blue, the temp cold and NYC perfectly festive!! The city had no accumulated snow so it was easy maneuvering around there (well, if weaving through the crowds is easy). Michele had never been to the city at this time of year and Tom and I go every year, at least once, so it was a necessary and desired trip for all of us!

We showed her the tree at Rockafeller (all lit up), the windows at Saks and the ice rink and bazaar at Bryant Park. After a nice lunch at Dos Caminos on Park Ave we headed home to watch the Giants win. Michele had to head back to Philly but it sure has been nice having her around. We are still so happy she was able to come to the party!

Here are some pics in the snow at our house as well as in the city!!

In the snow!!!

crowded 5th Ave

Rockafeller Center

In Times Square and my very handsome husband


  1. Captain Key said...

    Dang, it's a Philly invasion at your house. At least you didn't have to pick HER up. :)