paradise found

hello dear readers and let me apologize for my absence in writing--altho you must admit that it doesn't happen often! This time, unlike last time where I had a touch of the flu, the absence can be blamed on something much more wonderful... vacation!

Tom and I are in the beautiful Latin American country of Panama.
When we told people we were coming here to celebrate the holidays many people said with a nice smile: "Oh Panama. Nice. What is there other than the Canal?" Well, until we got here, we didn't have much of an answer for those people except that we knew that we were going to get some diving in. Now that we have spent a good deal of time in both Panama City as well as the state of Bocas del Toro we can easily and I think convincingly say that there are SO many things in Panama to see/do/experience--an amazing amount actually.

It is places like this that both make me want to be a writer but also terrify me for wanting to be a writer as I fear that I could never possibly describe in words what my eyes see and my body feels. I of course, will try--in fact, I am working on a piece right now on diving in Panama as well as a short piece depicting a lifestyle that I feel is thought to be reachable by many but must be beyond desired by those who seek it. Stay tuned.

Anyway-- in short, it is paradise here. When casually and seriously comparing Panama to other like countries in environment and peoples, Panama wins out each time as the favorite (altho Gretch and Doug do encourage us to wait on making that statement officially official until we visit Fiji next year for their wedding).

Mexico has always been my favorite place to spend time and I proudly can say that I have been to many different parts of that great country-so for me to say that Panama is the "favorite" is actually a really big statement for me and it took much thought. :)

I am going to write more at a later time--and post pics---- so I can give each area we have experienced its due respect... and also because the eco-bungalows we are staying at are shutting down the wi-fi for the evening.


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