Birthday Hot Dog

Our little Franklin Delano Ellefson (Frank to most people) is 3 today! Yay Frank! You are 3! PARTY!!

Here he is at his party.

And here is the aftermath... too many dog treats for the boy (and his sister)!

**(disclaimer: tom and I are officially "those people" who treat their dogs like many treat their kids...)


  1. SeattleGrl said...

    Happy Birthday little short man!!!! He looks great in that hat!!!  

  2. Andrea said...

    Lucky Dog!  

  3. Lauren & Caitlin said...

    Happy Birthday, Frank!!! We miss you...especiallly Uncle Chris. He needs another guy in the house to hang with.  

  4. Captain Key said...

    OH Frankie! I missed your bday? Sorry boy! :)  

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