Tomorrow we are supposed to have our first HUGE snowstorm of the year and the forecast is calling for 8-14" OR MORE for the Tri-State area! YAY! I love it!! I went to the store to stock up on the essentials in case we get snowed in! Tom laughs at that, but being from Seattle---I have always hoped to be snowed in... like that famous Little House on the Prairie Christmas episode where the Ingalls are completely snowed in (not the one where Mary and Laura both got the same dress and they were actually happy--that one sucked)... and if you don't know what I am talking about, well, that is just sad. Youtube it--in fact, here is the link.

Or, if you have the opportunity, ask my sister, my mom or my aunt Renee or Aunt Cindy as they all know what I am talking about (even my brother knows, but he'd NEVER admit it... Poor Grant, 2 older sisters did him NO favors). ANYWAY-- since this post was NOT intended to be about 70's television but sortof ended up being so, I will close this post up with the old TV sign-off of "Stay Tuned"... we'll update you on the snow later!!

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  1. Andrea said...

    I think I know every Little House episode by I know what your talking about! I wanted to be Laura when I was little :)