The answer, if you ask most New Yorkers, is "not much". Its been a frustrating time since the attacks on our country in regards to the rebuild. It has been postponed for multiple reasons (some considered good, others not) and is years behind schedule.

I have been down there countless times and if you didn't know better, you'd think it was just a regular construction site. The site itself is fenced off and the fences are covered (initially they were not) so seeing into the construction zone is impossible from the street. However now, The Port Authority of NY and NJ have added views (pictures and videos) from the site to and

Check it out.
Picture is courtesy of Joe Woolhead found on


  1. SeattleGrl said...

    They probably did that because the PATH train goes right through the construction site and people take pictures from the inside of the train. And you are right, it is slow going. Oh well, I am sure it is a struggle over city, state and federal money.